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Bow & Arrow Learning is a Learning and Development consulting company which partners with its clients to design long-term learning strategies to achieve the most advantageous business performance.

B&A Learning trained more than 10,000 people across 35 organizations around India in past 7 years. A network of 50 plus trainers across India

Bow and Arrow Learning specializes in end to end training solutions in the soft skills and behaviour space right from learning needs identification upto post training audit. Our solutions enable our clients to enhance competencies of their employees thereby impacting their business outcomes and performance. 

Guiding Direction

A vision statement provides a clear direction for the organization, outlining its desired future state.

Inspires Motivation

A compelling vision inspires and motivates employees, driving them to work towards a shared goal.

Strategic Decision Making

A strong vision helps make strategic decisions that align with the organisation's long-term objectives.

Defines Purpose

A mission statement succinctly expresses what the organization does and its primary purpose.

Sets Boundaries

A clearly defined mission provides a framework for decision-making and resource allocation.

Engages Stakeholders

A well-crafted mission statement engages customers, employees, and investors by communicating a compelling purpose.

Defines Culture

Core values shape an organization's culture, reflecting its ethical standards and principles.

Guides Decision Making

Values serve as a compass, guiding employees in making ethical and consistent decisions.

Attracts Talent

Strong values attract like-minded individuals who align with the organization's beliefs and principles.

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Prasanna Vasudevan

Founder & CEO

An accomplished professional with a diverse set of skills and experiences spanning 3 decades, Prasanna has achieved remarkable success in various domains, including Sales, Business Development, Training, Coaching, and Business Consulting.

Ramaswamy Melarcode Hariharan

Business Development

Ramaswamy is passionate about enhancing the overall customer experience and has the ability to collaborate with Cross Functional Teams. He has exceptional skillsets in providing comprehensive solutions in complex business environments.

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